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Resource Management Software

PTM Inc. will soon announce PTM-Vision Version 2!

July 10, 2013 | | Comment


PTM-Vision Resource Management Software



PTM Inc. will soon announce PTM-Vision Version 2!

What is PTM-Vision Version 2?

It’s a milestone in feature development for PTM-Vision

Over the past 3 years, as part of our Agile Development process, we engaged with our diverse group of valued customers to rapidly enhance PTM-Vision to meet their varied requests and requirements to optimally run their businesses. PTM-Vision has now evolved well past Echelon Suite with over 300 feature additions (see attached partial HOT LIST of features)

With this milestone, we believe now that we have the strongest core feature set available and as a result we have slowed down expansion of the base features and shifted focus to major program enhancements through additional module offerings.

PTM Inc. has three significant Modules nearing completion in development that will be released as add-on Modules in PTM-Vision Version 2. Pricing for these Modules will be released when the Modules come available.

Release of significant new modules

Production Module

PTM-Vision will be releasing a completely new Production Module for use in demanding manufacturing facilities. This Module is primarily targeted at re-manufacturers but will fit any manufacturing environment.

Customer Relationship Module

The Customer Relationship Module or CRM will significant improve and simplify sales force automation and marketing campaign generation and management. This Module provides the sales organization with a very flexible Contact Management system for sales personnel and provides Management with the tools to monitor and direct sales activity and performance.

This powerful Module allows the marketing professional to quickly and easily create stunning email marketing campaigns to your current and potential customer bases. You can also track all of your marketing efforts and see which campaign provides the best return on investment.

Resource Management Module

The Resource Management Module provides an interactive dashboard view of everything going on in your shop. This graphical view of your shop allows you to see what every technician is working on, quickly reallocate resources through a drag-and-drop interface, and visually assess where things may be running late, which jobs are waiting on parts, and assign each technician’s work for the day.

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