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Pluss Corporation announces advanced “Tech to Vendor” parts ordering module, streamlining parts ordering between busy shops and outside vendors.

November 5, 2013 | | Comment

Pluss Corporation (http://www.pluss.net/) a leading provider of Resource Management Software for truck and heavy-equipment dealers, distributors, fleet maintenance and repair facilities announces today that it has rolled out an advanced parts ordering system for busy repair shops. This new module allows technicians and service managers to communicate more efficiently and effectively with outside parts vendors.

I run a busy shop.” said Dalen Iverson, Owner of Dalen’s Diesel “The Tech to Vendor module allows my technicians to enter a simple description of what they need and the software pulls down all the vehicle information and emails it to my vendor so they can look up the part and help me get the part into my shop in a timely manner. The process is simple for my technicians and greatly improves the communications with my vendors.”

This new module was developed to address the ongoing problem many shops have in getting the right part for vehicles under repair in their shop, in a simple way.” said Kenny Nau, Director of Sales at Pluss Corporation “This module not only simplifies the process of ordering parts, it helps eliminate errors in tracking parts and invoicing the correct price within the work order. The technician enters a simple description of the part needed and the software looks up all of the vehicle information and sends it in an email to the parts vendor. The parts vendor opens a web link from the email and enters all of the pertinent information to ensure the correct part number is ordered along with pricing and delivery information. Once the web link is closed the part is reviewed and ordered through PTM-Vision’s purchasing system. It then posts all of the delivery and pricing information into PTM-Vision.”

About Pluss Corporation: Pluss Corporation is a leading provider of Resource Management Software, consulting services and training for Dealers, Fleet Maintenance and Repair businesses primarily in the truck and heavy equipment market. Pluss Corporation’s solutions feature modern windows based applications specifically tailored to truck and heavy-equipment parts, sales and service businesses.

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