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Resource Management Software

Pluss Commerce


Here’s how Pluss Commerce can give you a competitive edge

As a leading provider of resource management software for the trucking industry for the last 27 years, we know what repair shops, part suppliers and fleet owners need.

That’s why we developed Pluss Commerce, an online customer tracking system created specifically for the Trucking pars and service industry. Unlike generic e-commerce platforms, we designed Pluss Commerce from the ground up just for your business.

It contains all of the unique features you need to make your shop run smoothly and efficiently, both for you and your customers. That not only makes your company easier to do business with, it makes you much more competitive than other truck parts and service companies.


Pluss Commerce was created with one driving purpose – to help fleet managers and repair shops manage large fleets of vehicles. It can track every customer and every vehicle they own. It knows the maintenance history of every vehicle, monitors customer buying patterns, and isolates the needs of their many trucks and trailers.

No other system does what Pluss Commerce can do for you.

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And the best part? Pluss Commerce is there for your clients 24/7 – even when you’re closed!

Each of your customers is given a unique, secure account, and the easy-to-use automated self-service portal allows them to:

• Purchase parts or products
• Schedule inspections and service.
• View their fleet service history and maintenance schedules
• See past-due services for any vehicle
• Review and pay invoices online
• And much more!

Save time and money

With Pluss Commerce, we provide you withcustomer self-service solutions that makebusiness better for you and your customers. The unique self-service portal makes it possible for your customers to buy products and services from you online, any time of the day or night. That means lower administrative costs for you, with
• Fewer incoming phone calls
• Fewer invoice copy requests
• Fewer statements to send
• Less service to schedule
• Fewer maintenance schedules to coordinate

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