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Intuit – QuickBooks


PTM-Vision has the ability to export to QuickBooks in a few simple steps.  For QuickBooks users this is a win-win scenario. They will be able to accelerate their Point of Sale with PTM-Vision and have the ability to easily export the financial information into QuickBooks.

Important information about QuickBooks and PTM-Vision.

A common question we get here at Pluss is:

“Why should I use PTM-Vision’s Point of Sale when my QuickBooks already has invoicing built in?” 

The answer is straightforward. QuickBooks’ invoicing is generic and can be used by a variety of businesses such as a veterinarian, a barbershop or a convenience store.

If you are operating and growing a serious parts, repair, or rebuilding business, you need a point of sale system specific for your industry.  One that gives you work orders that look and gather information like point of sale systems used in this industry. PTM-Vision Software developers understand the features, information gathering, and shortcuts that are necessary to excel in this business. Without these shortcuts it takes longer to get a work order written, the information is not specific to your needs and the system limits you in your ability to service your customer.  It’s difficult to look at specific vehicle information and impossible to run a preventative maintenance program.  You can’t get the performance out of QuickBooks that you will out of an industry specific software product like PTM-Vision.

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