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Resource Management Software

Customer Resource Management

This heavy truck shop software system will simplify managing customers with numerous trucks or trailers. Managing the customer experience with your business is essential in creating an environment that encourages potential as well as current customers coming in the door. PTM-Vision has many tools that allow you to increase the quality of your customer’s interaction with your business.  Powerful electronic marketing tools that provide a professional image to potential customers as well as current customers. PTM-Vision tracks and interacts with your potential customers and current customers continuously through the process. Your customer will feel that you know them intimately and will see state of the art communications in marketing campaigns, work orders, invoices and statements. You will look professional and the customer will trust the information they get from you.  With  industry specific features and full integration with other software modules, the customer resource management software  rounds out PTM-Visions offerings and is an ideal fit for dealership, fleet maintenance, and the parts and repair industries.

Customer Database Features:

  • Complete customer information storage with name, two addresses, city, state, zip, and contact person
  • Provisions for storing email and fax number
  • Customer code classification – allows you to differentiate types of customers into classes
  • Adjust taxable status and tax spreadsheets
  • Complete customer unit information and with full parts and labor history by unit
  • Five standard price levels with additional price matrix
  • Multiple sold-to / ship-to addresses per client
  • Advanced electronic communications and storage
    • HTML email marketing
    • Fax or email invoices, work orders and statements
    • Electronic document and signature storage
  • Contact data base and lead tracking module
  • Dashboard view for sales lead tracking and sales performance management
  • Sales omission tracking

Detailed customer information at your fingertips during every interaction.

customer database

TS-Pluss Host System

PTM Vision

A managed operating bundle. This is combined solution of PTM-Vision operating on a secure, high performance host, delivering a full turn key product offering for Truck and Heavy Duty Businesses.

Pluss purchases and delivers all of the critical hardware, software and IT support.

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System Requirements

PTM Vision PTM-Vision is an open file format program in that the data is in a constant state of transition between host and client. The data, rather than sending packets back and forth with lapses in between, is being updated constantly. A stable connection is needed for this data flow to not be interrupted and cause data loss or damage. Terminal Services keeps the data on the server at all times and the stable connection is not as important whereas a network shared folder and drive will need the good connection. Learn More

Integration Packs

PTM Incorporated and Pluss Corporation have developed relationships with a wide array of software vendors to provide our customer with greater access to information necessary to simplify day-to-day operations. The following integration packages allow you to import into PTM-Vision or export to their software the key data elements to comfortably blend the different software packages.

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