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Resource Management Software

Support and Training

PTM-Vision is designed to improve the cross department communications and productivity of your business. Understanding all of the aspects of this system is essential in unleashing its full potential. To help you get the most out of PTM-Vision, Pluss Corporation provides a number of training options.

SnapShot Videos

Pluss Corporation has created large library of SnapShot Videos for quick concise training. SnapShot videos are short (2 to 5 minute) training videos designed to cover a single topic within PTM-Vision. This helps guide you through the specific topic of interest without having to wade through a 45 minute training video to get the information you need. Learning a sophisticated program like PTM-Vision takes time and training needs to come at the pace the user can digest. With SnapShot videos our customers can pick what they want to learn, when they want to learn it.

Distance eLearning

Most of our customers take classes via one-on-one with our highly experience technical staff. This is done over the telephone and internet. We walk our customers through the various aspects of running PTM-Vision in their business. These programs range from basic to advanced training classes. Our customers can select from a large list of training options based upon their business needs.

Onsite Training

Pluss Corporation provides classroom training here at our facility for our customers. This allows our customers to get away from the hectic pressure of trying to run their business while trying to learn the software. It also, gives them direct access to all of the members of our training team, if needed. Our customers find this to be one of the most effective means to get deep training on the many aspects of PTM-Vision.

To find out more, contact sales@pluss.net 1-877-428-7472

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