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Resource Management Software

System Requirements

Why We Recommend MS Terminal Services for PTM-Vision


PTM-Vision is an open-file database program. The data is in a constant state of transition and many databases are being accessed at the same time. This creates a very usable structure for many users to access at the same time. The data, rather than sending packets back and forth with lapses in between, is being updated constantly from various locations. Because of this type of access a stable network connection is necessary for this data flow to not be interrupted. Any interruption may cause data damage or even loss. Even an anti-virus software can scrub the data hard enough to cause disruption in most cases.

Terminal Services keeps the data local to the server at all times and a stable connection is not as important whereas in a network shared folder and mapped drive scenario there will need to be a stable and consistent connection. Running a network share with a mapped drive to the shared folder on the server is how the many of PTM users operate. Being the most cost efficient method of connection this also opens the data to increased danger of interrupted connections and infections from Malware and viruses.

Server/Workstation Requirements

PTM-Vision and the integrated applications we use do require the latest .NET framework updates to be available. We also recommend that you use operating systems that Microsoft still supports for security reasons. All versions of the following systems are supported by Vision. Microsoft is scheduled to stop supporting Server 2008 and Windows 7 in January of 2020 approx.

Server Operating SystemS – Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016

WORKSTATION Operating Systems– Windows 7, 8 and 10

Network Connectivity

Our recommendation is to use Microsoft Terminal Services for Terminal Connection. Microsoft Terminal Services connections average about 32k per connection during average use. Depending on resolution, features, and other requirements, this average can be raised to 64k, although peak usage during complicated tasks, the terminal can use as little as 5k and upwards of 128k or greater during peak, but averaging takes this into account. We feel that maintaining available bandwidth of approximately 64k per user / client terminal session should be sufficient but may vary depending on the individual setup and configuration that you may have.



PTM-Vision will print to nearly any LaserJet, Inkjet, or Deskjet printer. Dot matrix or impact printers are not supported due to the restrictions with printing images.

Additional Recommendations

Contrary to popular network / server setup, we recommend that our data be housed on the same server as the terminal users. This is not required but will achieve the best performance for each user. When storing the data on another network server, performance can be greatly hindered due to file access, caching, and locking routines handled by windows servers during file sharing and access.

Note: The above requirements are designed to enable our software to perform as designed. Failure to meet these requirements may effect user performance and integrity. Operating additional software outside of our support may require additional requirements and we cannot guarantee that the above specifications will fit the needs of all of your business products.

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