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System Requirements

Why We Recommend MS Terminal Services for PTM-Vision

plusssoftwareboxv01PTM-Vision is an open file format program in that the data is in a constant state of transition between host and client. The data, rather than sending packets back and forth with lapses in between, is being updated constantly. A stable connection is needed for this data flow to not be interrupted and cause data loss or damage. Terminal Services keeps the data on the server at all times and the stable connection is not as important whereas a network shared folder and drive will need the good connection.

Running a network share with a mapped drive to a shared folder on the server is how the many of PTM users operate and most of them work just fine, but we still do recommend Terminal Services so the customer is aware of the dangers of data loss and/or damage. Anti-virus software that scrubs the data will also cause the disconnect and give an invalid seek offset error that basically is an interruption of the data flow. If you are confident in the network setup handling this setup then you should be fine.

Terminal Access Requirements

Operating System

Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016

Network Connectivity

Our recommendation is to use Microsoft Terminal Services for Terminal Connection. Microsoft Terminal Services connections average about 32k per connection during average use. Depending on resolution, features, and other requirements, this average can be raised to 64k, although peak usage during complicated tasks, the terminal can use as little as 5k and upwards of 128k or greater during peak, but averaging takes this into account. We feel that
maintaining available bandwidth of approximately 64k per user / client terminal session should be sufficient but may vary depending on the individual setup and configuration that you may have.

For information regarding our recommendations and for information regarding problems with optimistic locking (oplocks) read the following:


Example Requirements:

20 remote users would operate well with 1280k concurrent bandwidth (up and down). The recommended business internet service for this example connection would be T1 / 1.5Mbps business class internet connection.

Minimum Requirements (Server Requirements):

Processor requirements:

  • 3 – 10 users = 1 CPU 2.0 GHz or better (dual core is recommended, quad for 10 user)
  • 10 – 20 users = 2 CPU 2.5 to 3 GHz or better (quad core is recommended)
  • 20 – 30 users = Quad Core CPU
  • Up to 50 users = 2 Server Farm (quad core) balanced up to 25 users per server
  • Up to 100 users = 3 or 4 server farm (quad core) balanced 25 to 35 users per server
  • Over 100 = use 25x users per server to calculate farm size
  • 256 MB RAM per user session
  • 500 MB hard disk space per user

Example Requirements:

A server with the following specs would be sufficient for a 30 user environment:

  • CPU : Quad core
  • Memory: 8 GB (DDR3)
  • 100 GB disk storage
  • Server motherboard with triple channel memory support and (9GB) DDR3 should provide optimal performance

Minimum Requirements (Client Requirements)

Client workstation or terminal capable of supporting RDP6 or RDP7 client session.


  • PTM-Vision will print to nearly any Laserjet, Inkjet, or Deskjet printer.
  • PTM-Vision is not compatible with Dot Matrix printers.

Additional Recommendations

Contrary to popular network / server setup, we recommend that our data be housed on the same server as the terminal users. This is not required but will achieve the best performance for each user. When storing the data on another network server, performance can be greatly hindered due to file access, caching, and locking routines handled by windows servers during file sharing and access.

Please note the following observations:

On a standard properly configured network with the above requirements met, the following performance changes can be observed:

Response times on 15 user network

Category [Local] Time (mil/sec) [Network] Time (mil/sec)
Table data access 1250 3000
Report processing 5600 21150

Response times on 30 user network

Category [Local] Time (mil/sec) [Network] Time (mil/sec)
Table data access 1900 4500
Report processing 6400 24150

These performance losses are averaged and may vary greatly, but should be considered as a standard.

Note: The above requirements are designed to enable our software to perform as designed.
Failure to meet these requirements may effect user performance and integrity. Operating
additional software outside of our support may require additional requirements and we cannot
guarantee that the above specifications will fit the needs of all of your business products.

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